ÀNI featured in Barron’s Penta

We were delighted to find a wonderful feature penned by writer Michael Kaminer in the latest issue of Penta. Penta is a quarterly magazine included within issues of the celebrated financial publication Barron’s, which aims to deliver “trusted advice on wealth management.” Additionally, Penta carries insightful lifestyle articles on exceptional travel, private jets, art and collecting, upscale cars, jewelry and watches, and high-end real estate.

The current issue’s feature shares insights about the unique philanthropic mission of ÀNI Private Resorts to provide free, high-quality educational resources to the communities surrounding each resort location.

Mr. Kaminer writes, “With footprints in Anguilla, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and Sri Lanka, Reynolds now operates four fully staffed luxury retreats. And at each property, he also funds ANI Art Academy, a standalone art school designed to help locals develop painting skills as a source of income. The schools are free for students, with easels, supplies, and canvases sponsored by Reynolds and his company.”

Read more of this excellent article here (and see a few beautiful works from our amazing artists) by visiting: https://www.barrons.com/articles/good-company-how-ani-private-resorts-gives-back-to-the-community-01664472257

PS-We would also like to give a special thanks to ÀNI Private Resorts CMO, Henny Frazer, for devoting so much time and energy to illuminating the robust educational efforts of ÀNI. It means a great deal to us all.

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