ÁNI Art Academies is searching for students that hope to share the skills and know how they acquire during their apprenticeship. As we continue to expand globally, we need teachers willing and able to commit to an international assignment.

What Potential Teachers Can Expect:

ÁNI Art Academy graduates whom desire to teach at one of the organization’s international schools can expect both unique challenges and unmatched rewards as they embark upon a journey that will provide them the opportunity to live, teach and paint abroad. Teachers commit to a 4-year term, with placement dependent upon the current needs. ÁNI Art Academies are strategically placed in breathtaking settings near luxury ÁNI Private Resorts, which fund the schools. The academies are located in exotic tourist destinations that enjoy diverse cultural opportunities and gorgeous scenery.

ÁNI Art Academy teachers can expect to spend 40 hours (5 days) a week in the studio, with 20 hours dedicated to teaching, and 20 hours to devote to their own personal artwork. This allows teachers to develop their craft and build up a portfolio, and students to work beside a professional artist in an atelier style environment. ÁNI Sri Lanka Dean, Timothy Jahn, feels that the experience that he earns through teaching is critical to his success as an artist. He shared, “Teaching has a massively positive effect on your personal work. The deeper you understand your craft the easier it is to implement what you truly understand.

Compensation for teachers is $20,000 yearly, and $25,000 for the school Dean (the head instructor at each location). ÁNI Art Academies also provides international teachers with housing. Benefits include 3 weeks paid vacation, paid holidays, 50% reimbursement of health care cost for the employee and their spouse, and a yearly round-trip plane ticket for both the employee and their spouse. A one-time relocation payment of $2000 is also provided. Teachers are free to use the studio when it is closed, and will be provided use of all studio and art supplies at no cost.

The spirit of this career is that teachers will be working for a non-profit organization that is trying to drastically improve the lives of individuals that otherwise have very limited opportunities. We are trying to elevate entire communities through art education in an attempt to enhance living conditions and financial security. There will be hurdles along the way; however, many of the organization’s teachers find that overcoming obstacles is all part of the reward.

When asked about his experience as Dean of ÁNI Art Academy Dominicana, Edward Dillon shared, “Moving to the Dominican Republic to teach at the ÁNI Art Academies Dominicana has been very challenging and humbling at times. However, the chance to teach what I love to people who had no opportunity to learn it otherwise, has been more rewarding and fulfilling than I ever imagined it could be.

For more information about international teaching opportunities, please send an email of inquiry expressing your interest to

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