ÁNI Art Academies Waichulis

Located in the beautiful mountain region of Northeastern Pennsylvania, ÀNI Art Academies Waichulis is housed on six acres of tranquil deciduous forest. Surrounded by gorgeous deposits of glacial rock and mountain laurel, each season offers a wide range of dynamic natural beauty that welcomes and inspires.

The studio, designed by Anthony Waichulis, boasts 1900 square feet of incredible workspace. Each Artist’s spacious workstation offers customizable lighting scenarios, generous storage, and multiple working surface options. High north light windows can flood the studio for collective projects or can be controlled to offer individual optimized lighting. Specially-made resources designed exclusively for the ÀNI Art Academies curriculum are readily available, making for an even more effective and enjoyable learning environment.


ÀNI Art Academy Waichulis
1100 Pittston Blvd.
Bear Creek Twp., PA 18702

Dean: Anthony Waichulis

Email: info@aniartacademies.org
Phone: (570) 822-4111

Hours of Operation:
Sunday through Friday, 8:00am – 6:00pm

Take Rt. 115 to Pittston Blvd. The driveway to the studio is approximately 2 miles on the right.