ÀNI Art Academies America Campus Open for Public Enrollment

Opened in 2016 as a campus exclusively catering to wounded veterans, ÀNI Art Academies America has expanded its enrollment to anyone at least 18 years old and highly dedicated to their education as an artist. The campus is located in beautiful Red Bank, NJ., which delivers an attractive weaving of urban and suburban influences. It is a place where arts and culture thrive, making it a perfect location for our apprentices to study and grow their skills. There are many opportunities to exhibit work in the 20 art galleries that are located throughout the city. 

As with our five other academies, ÀNI Art Academies America in Red Bank uses the curriculum created by Anthony Waichulis. This curriculum focuses on essential fundamentals of draftsmanship, material handling, properties of light, visual perception, visual communication, and basic painting strategies, all without promoting a specific aesthetic.

Artists who are accepted into our program will receive a Full Merit Scholarship. This scholarship covers the cost of tuition and all the materials an artist will need throughout the program. The ÀNI Art Academies believe that great artists aren’t born; they are educated. Our mission is to provide the strongest possible visual arts education without strapping aspiring creatives with overwhelming financial obligations that tend to be all too familiar to those seeking higher education. 

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