Garret McCall

ÀNI Art Academies Waichulis

Born and raised in the countryside of western Pennsylvania, Garret has always had a love for art, nature, and simplicity. As a quiet young boy, he dreamed of becoming an artist using his imagination and creativity. However, he lacked the faith in himself to make those dreams come true. Garret attended a Catholic college where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology. It was then that he found a new direction and a focus on faith and his future. He decided to follow his childhood dreams and become an artist, with his concentration reflecting his faith and religious art. For centuries, much of the world’s best-loved and most widely recognizable works of art have been inspired by the Catholic faith. Garret finds it fascinating to see how the lives of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the saints have inspired artists for centuries. For Garret, sacred art has the ability to lift our minds, hearts, and spirits beyond temporal affairs to the consideration of heavenly things.


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