Anthony J. Waichulis

ÀNI Art Academies Waichulis

(b. 1972) Anthony Waichulis is a prominent contemporary artist renowned for his mastery of the Trompe L’Oeil technique. Often celebrated by critics and collectors alike, Waichulis’ efforts have captured top honors in both domestic and international competitions and have been published in most major art publications including, but not limited to, The Artist’s Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, American Artist, American Art Review, American Art Collector, Art News, and Art-Talk. At present, Waichulis’ works can regularly be found in a number of select US galleries, including Denver’s Gallery 1261, Santa Fe’s Meyer Gallery, Alexandria’s Principle Gallery, Charleston’s Robert Lange Gallery, and Tulsa’s Lovett’s Gallery. In addition, Anthony’s exhibition record continues to grow with an impressive array of well-respected venues, including The Smithsonian Institute, The John Pence Gallery, The National Arts Club, The Butler Institute of American Art, The Arnot Art Museum, The John F. Peto Museum, Art Basel, The LA Art Show, and the Orlando Museum of Art. In January 2006, Anthony became the first Trompe L’oeil painter to be granted a Living Master status with the esteemed Art Renewal Center. In 2012, he was among the first showing of American realists at the Beijing World Art Museum.

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