Patricia Alonzo Diaz

ÁNI Art Academies Dominicana

(b. 1993) Patricia Alonzo Diaz, Fine Artist, was born in Río San Juan. Since she was a child, she always felt an immense passion for art. Patricia would draw, design, and create small sculptures with the materials that she could find at home. She continued to develop her skills and knowledge as a self-taught artist and participated in many different local competitions such as the Poster Contest, Carnival Mask Contest, and Carnival Costume Contests. Patricia stood out and obtained many prizes and accolades. In 2012, she heard about a non-profit school of hyperrealism in Río San Juan, ÁNI Art Academies Dominicana.  Patricia wasted no time and applied immediately since that is what she was passionate about.  In 2013 she began her studies apprenticing with the instructors Edward Dillon and Deborah Lloyd. In just a short time studying, she could already appreciate the immense change in her skills that she was applying to all the work she did whether it was drawings, paintings, sculptures, or design. Patricia always makes mention and has highlighted the opportunity she got from being a part of this great academy that changed both his artistic and personal life. Since her first works, she has participated in highly prestigious group exhibitions at Rehs Contemporary Gallery, ÁNI Art Academies América, and Lovetts Gallery.  Patricia has also stood out in competitions such as the ÁNI Art Academies Annual Drawing Contest and ARC Annual Competition and was awarded 3rd Place in the ARC Scholarship Competition in 2019. The goal in her life is to become a great artist recognized worldwide, to do national and international solo exhibitions, and to share her knowledge with anyone who loves art.