Brandon D. Drake

ÁNI Art Academies Waichulis

Brandon D. Drake (b. 1989) can’t think of a time in his childhood when he wasn’t drawing on a scrap of paper; art has always been a part of his life. His father, a retired illustrator/graphic designer for AT&T and Bell Laboratories, heavily influenced his decision to pursue art as a career. Brandon, a graduate of the duCret School of Art class of 2012, wanted to further his technical capacity and gain as much knowledge about draftsmanship, drawing, and painting. While at duCret he also began studying with Timothy W. Jahn, in 2009, where he began the drawing program developed by Anthony Waichulis. At the beginning of 2012, Brandon started studying directly under Anthony Waichulis at the ÁNI Art Academy Waichulis, in the program from which so many artists have emerged and built successful careers. “I hope to push my technical capabilities to create the most believable images I can,” says Drake. Finally feeling as though he is coming into his own with a unique voice and conceptual take on the ideas and image that intrigues him. Having a fond interest in Biblical undertones, he is diligently working to achieve a believable representation of something that Brandon believes is rarely, if ever, truly seen.