Vidya Birkhoff

ÁNI Art Academies Anguilla

(b. 1965) Vidya Birkhoff grew up in Trinidad surrounded by traditional paintings and sculptures created by her grandfather. She longed to one day follow in his footsteps, but life led her into a professional career in corporate America. She started experimenting with acrylic on canvas and in 2007, Vidya was one of seven featured artists during an exhibition held by The Arts and Science Council of Charlotte, North Carolina. After returning to the Caribbean, Vidya opened the JavaLava Art Café in 2014 and launched the “Meet the Artist” exhibitions that offered to emerge and established artists a platform to showcase and sell their works in Montserrat. Vidya is currently an apprentice at the ÁNI Art Academy in Anguilla, with the dream of capturing the triumphs, celebrations, and exotic movements of song and dance of the rich Caribbean culture.