Venroy Findlay

ÀNI Art Academies Anguilla

Venroy Findlay is from the picture-postcard island of Anguilla, surrounded by tranquility and beauty. He is often inspired to bring out his artistic side. Through this, he is currently studying at the Ani Art Academy with the hopes of one day accomplishing one of his many goals: to become a Professional visual artist. Art is a form of expression for him, and he uses his skills in art to make those surrounding him happy. As they say, “A picture speaks a thousand words,” and Venroy’s artwork always intends to have a message behind it. Venroy is fascinated mostly by realism and animation. Hence, most of his work displays those art styles. For him, art is more than putting pencil to paper; it is about conveying a message through pictures and leaving an everlasting impression on those who witness his projects. You always continue learning; therefore, he is always eager to meet other buzzing artists so they can share expertise with each other.


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