Uthpala S. V. Pathiranage

Apprentice, ÀNI Art Academies, Sri Lanka.

(b.2000) Uthpala was born in Ratnapura (Sri Lanka) and moved to the south of Sri Lanka at the age of three. She had an innate ability to draw since childhood and had no theoretical knowledge of drawing. She did Mathematics at the Advanced level in Sri Lanka. Continuing with mathematics, she faced many failures in life. Realizing it was no longer her passion, she planned to join ÀNI Art Academies Sri Lanka to lay the foundation for her dream of discovering her artistic style. She continues her studies successfully as an apprentice under Master Timothy W. Jahn.
“My aspiration is to create modern conversations about the reality of femininity with culture, love, and sexuality through my art in the world,” she says. She appreciates the opportunity to join the ÀNI family and the fantastic opportunity she has been given.


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