Nuwani Gunawardhana

Translator/ Apprentice,
ÀNI Art Academies Sri Lanka

(b.2000) Nuwani is a native of Sri Lanka whose passion for art ignited at a young age. Despite not having the opportunity to study Art formally in school, her passion for realistic art resurged after high school. Learning about ÀNI Art Academies through her art teacher, Nuwani eagerly joined ÀNI Art Academies Sri Lanka, aspiring to refine her skills.

Under the esteemed mentorship of Timothy W. Jahn at ÀNI Art Academies, Nuwani feels immensely grateful and joyous to be part of the ÀNI family. Joining in 2020 as an apprentice, she assumed the role of a translator in 2021, translating the curriculum textbooks and videos into Sinhala. Balancing her role as a translator while dedicating herself to studying as an apprentice, Nuwani aims to enrich her artistic abilities further and support her fellow apprentices in their journey. Her aspiration remains to continue evolving as an artist and contributing to the artistic community.

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