Niphon Singhavirat

ÁNI Art Academies Thailand

Mr. Niphon is from the Pattani Province of Thailand. He became interested in art after graduating high school when he was inspired by some movie billboard art. He applied to Silpakorn University, but the program was very difficult to get into, so he began to study accounting. He quickly realized he did not enjoy that type of work, so he moved to Germany for 8 years to study the German language and work in the construction field. After that, he returned to Thailand and he used his language skills as a tour guide, but art was always on his mind. After he retired, he heard about the ÁNI Art Academies and decided to pursue art education again. He applied and was accepted into the ÁNI Art Academies Thailand on Koh Yao Noi where he now lives and studies. Niphon is in his 70s and is making his way through the challenges of the ÁNI program and looks forward to sharing his future artworks with his family.