Kushan Ayesh

ÁNI Art Academies Sri Lanka

(b. 1999) Kushan was born in Matara, Sri Lanka. He studied at Siri Rathanajothi Central College in Matara and received a distinction grade for art in Ordinary Level Examination. Kushan later attended Mahinda Rajapakse College in Matara, where he studied and passed the Advanced Level Examination.

Kushan is very talented in painting and drawing and was thrilled when he received information about the Ani Art Academies. Kushan was eager to join the Ani Art Academies to master his skills and create art in his own community. He is now an apprentice at ÁNI Art Academies Sri Lanka, under the master tutelage of Timothy W. Jahn. He is greatly appreciative for the chance to join the ÁNI family and the wonderful opportunity that has been given to him.