Kedsnee Warayot

Kedsnee Warayot – Operations Manager and Translator

Ani Art Academies Thailand

Before joining the ÀNI team, Kedsnee dedicated herself to the field of education through her role with an agency specializing in the placement of foreign teachers in schools throughout Thailand. She served as a liaison between educators and institutions, where her role was instrumental in cultivating a global and diverse learning atmosphere. Kedsnee currently serves as the Operations Manager and Translator at Ani Art Academies Thailand. With a background in operations management and being bi-lingual, Kedsnee has been a driving force in connecting the academy with the local community, fostering cross-cultural collaborations that enrich the artistic experience for students.

In her capacity as Operations Manager, Kedsnee is dedicated to streamlining processes and creating an efficient operational framework. Her strategic initiatives have not only enhanced the academy’s internal functions but have also facilitated seamless collaborations with external entities. Simultaneously, Kedsnee’s linguistic expertise has played a crucial role in breaking down language barriers and ensuring effective communication and understanding among students, faculty, and community members.

In addition, Kedsnee runs a weekly after-school program at ÀNI Art Academies Thailand; this program aims to provide fundamental art education to young children of the community, offering a creative outlet that nurtures their imaginations and artistic abilities.

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