I.G.M. Dilshan

ÁNI Art Academies Sri Lanka

(b.1997) I.G.M. discovered his passion for drawing and painting from a young age. After completing high school at the age of twenty, he earned a coveted spot at the then newly-opened ÁNI Art Academies in Sri Lanka, studying directly under ÀNI Co-founder and seasoned instructor Timothy W. Jahn. Over the next few years, I.G.M. would continuously hone his artistic skills and showcase his endeavors in several prominent galleries. Publications and accolades would soon follow, notably Beautiful Bizarre Magazine in 2023 and taking first place in the BoldBrush August 2023 Art Competition. Specializing in dark fantasy oil paintings, I.G.M. remains deeply dedicated to his craft, which has grown into a significant passion for mentoring fellow creatives when possible. He sees ÁNI as an incredibly advantageous resource for creative skill growth and is excited to continue his own artistic journey while helping as many others as he can along the way.