Francine Gaudet

ÁNI Art Academies Anguilla

(b.1947). Francine was born and raised in the Chicago area and moved to Canada in 1975. Her interest in art and construction began at a very young age and was lovingly supported by her parents. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts and Education (Honors) from Illinois State University with a comprehensive major and minor in drawing and printing making. In her work career, she held several senior positions in Communications and Public Relations and was often sought out for her creative approach to management and problem-solving. Throughout her career, she continued to expand her interest and skills in art and worked with a number of artists in Canada. As a watercolorist, she was commissioned for several botanical pieces. She became aware of the ÁNI Art Academies after moving to Anguilla in 2019 with her partner, James Pryor. She has a longtime interest in realism and was immediately drawn to the Academies’ focus on trompe l’oeil and the work of Anthony Waichulis. She is very excited to be enrolled as an apprentice in this program and apply her learning to new works.