Britney Best

ÁNI Art Academy Anguilla.

(b. 1999) Britney Best was born in Barbados. Her parents relocated to Anguilla when she was just two weeks old. When she turned four years old, she found a love for drawing. Art was her favorite subject throughout primary school and high school. She loved drawing cartoons and anime characters at a young age.

Britney was greatly inspired by her Aunt Addonie Phillip, who was also an art teacher at Valley Primary School. Britney would look forward to Addonie coming over to her class to start art lessons. When Britney turned 12, her Aunt Adddonie passed away from a heart attack. Although her idol died, her love for art didn’t. One day, her mother heard of an art school in Crocus Bay, Anguilla, and encouraged Britney to enroll there. Britney is currently an apprentice of ÁNI Art Academy Anguilla.