Updates on Ani DVD series!

The Ani Art Academies Core Program: The Language of Drawing and The Language of Painting is still on schedule for a 2012 release. We are
very excited to be sharing this resource with so many enthusiastic artists!
In 1998 Anthony Waichulis began to train aspiring Representational Artists with a very specific goal in mind: achieve creative freedom
through logic and discipline. This endeavor would produce artists that are responsible for some of the most breathtaking drawings and
paintings of today. His system of training instilled principles applicable to all venues of the Realist endeavor including Still Life, Landscape,
Portrait, the Figure, and Trompe L’oeil. While each Artist-in-Training developed their own unique voice, they all began by learning a basic
rudimentary language.
Today, The Ani Art Academy is proud to bring this program to you. Preserved in its entirety, Anthony Waichulis, and his dedicated artists will
take you through each and every exercise of this training system. With an unwavering emphasis on essential fundamentals, efficiency, and
material dynamics, each exercise will bring you one step closer to true creative freedom.
The Ani Art Academies Core Program DVD series will be 6 DVDs in length, however, due to the amount of information included it may spill
over into a 7th. The entire system is divided into two main sections, The Language of Drawing and The Language of Painting. The system is
designed to develop essential skill sets through a particular sequence of exercises. Each DVD in the series is planned for release at the same
price as our first DVD project: The Waichulis Studio Drawing Clinic: First Steps ($29.95 per DVD.) The course will also contain a companion
workbook on CD. With our companion text on disc, sections can be printed as needed, resulting in a complete record of your journey when
finished. An included Ani Art Academy binder contains all model sheets required for the specific program exercises. Also available will be
the Waichulis Form Box. Designed by Anthony Waichulis specifically for this training system, the Form Box is a configurable learning device
that allows the user to explore the basic fundamentals of form. Plans will be included within the companion book so that artists may build
their own Form Box if they wish. The price for the entire system, including all DVDs, companion book on CD, Binder w/ Model Sheets, and
Waichulis Form Box will be released in early 2012–but current plans have the entire system cheaper than one month of tuition most modern-day ateliers! In addition—all those that have purchased the Waichulis Studio’s First Steps DVD will also receive an additional discount on the
purchase of the AAA Training system.
To sign up for the most up to date news regarding this DVD series release, please send an email to us at [email protected]
(mailto:[email protected]) or [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) with the subject line “AAA DVD watchlist”. Again, we greatly anticipate the opportunity to share this with all of you!

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