Lee Piechota

Lee Piechota

Lee Piechota showed little artistic ability in his early years. His mother always told him that his drawings were beautiful and proudly displayed them around the house. He notes, looking back they were not all that good. You can only rave so much about stick figures. In elementary school, Lee was discouraged from drawing as he repeatedly heard that it was “just an ability some are born with”. As a teen, however, he decided to start drawing again. His hard work reignited his excitement and love for art. In 2014, Lee started looking for an art instructor and stumbled across Ani Art Academy in an internet search. Lee soon after became enrolled as a Long-Distance Apprentice. From refrigerators to galleries, the path has been nothing if not, rewarding.

  • 2 A.M.Lee PiechotaMediumCharcoalOriginal Size9" x 10"
  • Little ThingsLee PiechotaMediumCharcoalOriginal Size15" x 10"
  • Obstinance of TimeLee PiechotaMediumCharcoalOriginal Size4" x 7"