Mary Ellen Taylor

Mary Ellen Taylor

Mary Ellen Taylor works mainly in graphite, charcoal, pastel, and oils. Her primary focus is to create still lifes and children’s portraits that incorporate whimsy into the creative process. She focuses on creating a sense of 3D in her pieces that allow the viewer to bring the piece to life in their imagination. She loves to create a sense of movement and emotion that brings her subjects to life. As an artist, Mary Ellen has been influenced by her childhood where she was taught from a young age that imagination allows for creativity and innovation to happen. What inspires her creative voice is to take the ordinary and spark the unexpected. A playful mind is always open to taking a journey into the imaginative realm of the world. After working in the corporate world where she worked in project management, and raising her family Ms. Taylor headed back to her passion for art and trained part-time at the Montclair Art Museum studying under Robert Kogge, and Gary Godbee, Grand Central Atelier studying under Devin Cecil Wishing and Gregory Mortenson, The New York Academy of Art under Evan Kitson, and attends the Ani Art Academy in Red Bank NJ studying under the head instructor Kevin A. Moore. The result of her efforts is an artist who is classically trained and rigorously disciplined. She can produce pieces that are immersed in detail, that dance off the page and invoke emotion. Imagination and creativity are a lifelong passion that requires dedication and planning to create meaningful and successful work. Mary Ellen’s work creates a sense of fun and wit, for fun inspires her creative spirit.

  • All AboardMary Ellen TaylorAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumCharcoal, Color PastelOriginal Size13" x 20"
  • Let’s FlyMary Ellen TaylorAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumCharcoal, Color PastelOriginal Size11" x 13"
  • Searching the Milky WayMary Ellen TaylorAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumCharcoal, Color PastelOriginal Size10.5" x 14"
  • Super PowersMary Ellen TaylorAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumCharcoal, Color PastelOriginal Size9"x 12"