Brian O’Neill

Brian O’Neill

(b.1969) Brian O’Neill’s work has been showcased in galleries across The U.S., Canada, Japan, and England. O’Neill is most noted for his floral paintings and drawings and has been an avid gardener and nature enthusiast for most of his life. In the spring of 2009, O’Neill was accepted as an apprentice at the world-renowned Ani Art Academy Waichulis under the guidance of acclaimed realism painter, Mr. Anthony Waichulis. O’Neill’s commitment to excellence proved to be a perfect fit for the high level of work produced by the studio and Brian’s creations have received international praise and acquisition. O’Neill’s work has garnered numerous awards which include a Jurors Choice Award at the prestigious Naples Museum of Art for the Blossom 2: Art of Flowers Premier Exhibition, inclusion in the two years traveling museum exhibition of Blossom, The Pastel Journal Top 100 Competition 2nd Place and Honorable Mention, Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition Honorable Mention, The ARC Art Renewal Center’s Annual Salon Competition, and The Artists Magazine On-Line All Media Competition Honorable Mention. “My responsibility as an artist is one that asks me to create not because I want to but because I have to, I am driven to make work that is at the highest level possible and depict beauty as I feel it to be and describe that in a language that can be read by all people who view my work even if we have never met in person” –Brian O’Neill

  • AwakeningBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOil, Silver Leaf, White GoldOriginal Size48" x 36"
  • EmbraceBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOil, Silver LeafOriginal Size60" x 36"
  • ExhaleBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOil, Silver Leaf, White GoldOriginal Size40" x 40"
  • Field of GoldBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOilOriginal Size60" x 36"
  • First LightBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOilOriginal Size12" x 9"
  • Glass CeilingBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumGold Leaf, Oil, Silver LeafOriginal Size60" x 36"
  • Gold DustBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumAcrylicOriginal Size30" x 30"
  • Ready Set GoBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumColor PastelOriginal Size20" x 16"
  • TangoBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOilOriginal Size18" x 18"
  • The ProposalBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOilOriginal Size14" x 19"
  • The Stage Has Been SetBrian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumOilOriginal Size18" x 12"
  • Tidal Glow 1& 2Brian O’NeillAcademyÀNI WaichulisMediumAcrylic, Gold Leaf, Silver LeafOriginal Size60" x 36"