Kevin A. Moore

Kevin A. Moore

(b.1989) Kevin grew up in Bridgewater, New Jersey, where he became interested in art at a young age. In high school he further developed his drawing abilities and decided he wanted to become a fine artist. After completing high school in 2007, he began his art education at Ducret School of Art where he studied under Timothy Jahn. In 2008, Kevin began an apprenticeship at Jahn Studios where Timothy taught him the Waichulis curriculum. During his time at Jahn Studios, Kevin completed many charcoal drawings and exercises, and participated in several group shows with his instructor and classmates. In 2012, Kevin moved to Bear Creek, Pennsylvania to continue his training at Ani Art Academies Waichulis. Kevin graduated from the academy in the beginning of 2015 and is now the Head Instructor of Ani Art Academy America, a studio which specializes in providing comprehensive art education to wounded veterans.

  • The TrancendanceKevin A. MooreAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumOilOriginal Size26" x 20"
  • The Yellow DressKevin A. MooreAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumOilOriginal Size31" x 38"
  • Through The LensKevin A. MooreAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumOilOriginal Size20" x 24"
  • What Lies BeneathKevin A. MooreAcademyÀNI AmericaMediumOilOriginal Size10" x 8"