Kelvin Lugo Belen

Kelvin Lugo Belen

Kelvin Lugo Belén was born in Santo Domingo, on April 17. From an early age, he felt passionate about representing what surrounded him. Starting with lines, he then progressed to scribbles, and of course, has since greatly improved his technique. In 2009 he began his studies of drawing, painting, and sculpture at the National School of Fine Arts, and discovered his passion for portraiture. He graduated in 2014 and dedicated himself to giving art classes (drawing and painting) and to work in different activities related to art. In 2016 he learned that there is an art academy in Rio San Juan and after visiting and seeing the work being produced, he quickly applied and moved to Rio San Juan to continue improving his techniques with the Ani Art Academies Dominicana.

  • El Poder de Tus OjosKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumOilOriginal Size16" x 20"
  • Espejos del AlmaKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumCharcoalOriginal Size11" x 17"
  • ÉxtasisKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumColor PastelOriginal Size15" x 15"
  • InstantsKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumCharcoalOriginal Size20" x 16"
  • La Vie En RoseKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumOilOriginal Size16" x 20"
  • La Vie Est UneKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumCharcoalOriginal Size14" x 11"
  • TentaciónKelvin Lugo BelenAcademyÀNI DominicanaMediumCharcoal, Color PastelOriginal Size21" x 14"