Ani Sri Lanka’s First Drawings

We are very excited to share the first creative projects from Ani Art Academy Sri Lanka. Congratulations to Nimali Yoggya Perera for her
drawing, Water Lily, and to Ravindu Sathsara for his drawing, Bug on a Bricked Wall. From Southern Sri Lanka, Yoggya has been a hobbyist of
drawing since childhood. During her free time, she would spend it drawing on paper. Art was her favorite subject in school but stopped at fourteen to focus her studies on Human Resources and IT. After learning about Ani Art Academy while in Dikwella, Sri Lanka she decided to follow her passion for art. Yoggya is enjoying to process of creating realistic drawings with the help of talented artist Timothy W. Jahn as her teacher. Ravindu joined Ani Art Academies Sri Lanka shortly after graduating from high school. He is delighted to have the esteemed artist
Timothy W. Jahn as his teacher.

At Ani Art Academy, Ravindu is expanding his artistic capabilities in the pursuit of becoming a successful artist. Ani Art Academy Sri Lanka opened in January 2018 is located near the Central South Coast of Sri Lanka in the Matara District. The six-building campus is perched above vibrant rice fields and is surrounded by lush vegetation and sprawling tea plantations. A quiet solitude, perfectly conducive to artistic development adds a sense of scholastic serenity. Artists can immerse themselves in the peaceful seclusion while enjoying access to all that Sri Lanka has to offer.

For more information on Nimali Yoggya Perera and Ravindu Sathsara, please follow the links below:

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