Ani Art Academy Anguilla Construction Underway!

Construction on the Ani Art Academy Anguilla formally began in early April this year. The facility, which will serve the local community, is being built to hold up to 25 students and includes a large open main studio with an adjoining teachers studio/office, flat file storage and computer room, a large materials storage, and an outdoor covered kitchen and dining area. The design is classically Caribbean with hip roofs, pastel colors, and wood shutters. After 2 weeks of excavation to level the site and dig a water cistern, the floor slab, utility infrastructure, and walls were in place in the month that followed. Just this past week the final columns, beams, and the flat roof section of the structure were poured. Local builder Glenford Hughes and his team are hard at work 6 days a week and forecasting the 2 large pitched roofs to be in place by the middle of June. Plastering and painting will follow and should be completed towards the end of July after which 2 months are forecast for finishing work including doors and windows, tiling, and cabinetry. Final furnishing and outfitting of the facility
should be completed within our target completion date of December 1.
The school is scheduled to open in January 2012. Stay tuned to ( for more

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