Ani Art Academies’ Founder Tim Reynolds Featured in Bloomberg News Article

Ani Art Academies’ founder Tim Reynolds was the subject of a recent article for the Bloomberg News regarding the success and future of the
Ani Art Academies. The article traces Reynolds’ career from selling industrial buildings after graduating from Claremont McKenna College to
becoming one of the founders of Wall Street trading firm, Jane Street Capital LLC. Many diverse areas of Reynolds life are also discussed.
The feature discusses Mr. Reynolds’ love for art, how the Academies became a reality, and his partnership with Ani Art Academies’ program
designer and Master Artist, Anthony Waichulis. Mr. Reynolds also goes on to discusses the future Academies in Thailand and Sri Lanka, as
well as his plans to open a school for disabled military Veterans in New Jersey or Maryland. The passion that Reynolds holds for the future of
the Ani Art Academies project can best be seen in his endearing closing quote “I’m actually looking forward to getting old…when I’m old I
get to see what happens and I can’t wait to see what happens.”
To read the full article about Tim Reynolds and the Ani Art Academies, please visit:
s-reynolds-turns-to-art-with-trading-fortune.html (

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