Ani Apprentices and Alumni Receive Awards for the Art Renewal Center 2011/2012 International Salon Competition

On July 4th The Art Renewal Center announced the winners of the 8th Annual Art Renewal Center’s International Salon competition. The
ARC’s 2011/2012 International Salon competition showcases some of the best realist endeavors being created today. We are very proud to
share that15 Ani Art Academy Apprentices and Alumni were included in this renowned international Salon.
We would like to congratulate all of our artists who received honors, awards, and much deserved recognition. We are all so extremely
proud. Below is a list of Ani Art Academy Apprentices and Alumni who received honors this year:

Drawing Category:
First Place:
Roger C. Long
“Justin’s Muse” Charcoal & White Chalk, 8 3/4x24 ½ inches

Third Place:
Erin Anderson
“Paradigm Shift” Charcoal on Paper, 17x20 inches

Best Trompe l’oeil:
First Place:
Joel Carson Jones
“More Than You Can Chew” Oil on Panel, 20x24 inches

Second Place:
Anthony J. Waichulis
“Expedition” Oil on Panel, 5x7 inches

A.R.C Staff Prize
Laura Mitchell
“Changeling” Black & White Charcoal, 16x14 inches

Honorable Mention
Drawing Category:
Susan Wallace
“Kelly Laptop” Charcoal on Paper, 18x11 inches

Kevin Moore
“The Warning” Charcoal on Paper, 15x10 inches

Roger C. Long
“Cain’s Legacy” Charcoal & White Chalk, 22x6 1/8 inches

Finalists in the Still Life Category:
Anthony J. Waichulis
"Pursuits (A Modern Vanitas)" Oil on Panel, 16x20 inches

Michael Hockenbury
"Sounds of Nonsense" Oil, 8x10 inches

Timothy Jahn
"Descent of Man" Oil, 40x30 inches
Finalists in the Drawing Category:

Edward Dillon
"Sword of Valor" Charcoal on Paper, 10x16 inches

Erika Baez
"Tooth Decay" Charcoal on Paper, 19x13 inches

Kate Sammons
"Self Portrait in Studio" Charcoal on Paper, 8x10 inches

Rodney Davis
"All Saints Day" Charcoal on Paper, 11x14 inches

Sharon Hourigan
"Julius Kernbach May 2010" Charcoal on Paper, 8x10 inches

Brandon Drake
"Awakening" Charcoal on Paper, 12x18 inches

Congratulations everyone!!!!

For a full listing of winners, honorable mentions, finalists, and additional awards, please visit:

The Art Renewal Center (A.R.C.) is an online resource founded by Fred Ross in 2000. It is dedicated to the promotion of what it terms
classical realism in art, as opposed to the Modernist developments of the twentieth century. The ARC sees the acquisition of academic skills
as being essential for the art of the future.

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