Ani announces plans for seven disc training DVD series

One year after the release of Anthony Waichulis' initial training video, First Steps, Ani Academies has taken Waichulis' DVD concept and rolled
it into a far more ambitious endeavor: to offer the entire Ani Art Academies training program within a seven-disc DVD series. Two companion books and custom learning materials are also being produced for this effort.
The first recently completed DVD in this series, The Language of Drawing Volume I, revisits much of the information presented in Waichulis'
own First Steps video, but goes much further in-depth with each exercise. Our newly developed, unique work screen format provides a wealth
of insight with each step of our training method. Every challenge presented is designed to offer a significant impact on your drawing and
painting dynamic. With an unwavering emphasis on essential fundamentals, procedural efficiency, and material dynamics, each exercise will
bring you one step closer to true creative freedom.
While this series is still in development, we are projecting that it will be made available to the public in late 2011/ early 2012. We will be sure
to post updates and clips along the way and look forward to putting this valuable information in the hands of everyone that can benefit from

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