An Art Academy for Anguilla in the making

Taken from The Anguillian, Publishing date: 07.01.2011 09:25n:

The breath-taking Little Bay area, on the north coast of Anguilla, home to the luxury Ani Villas, is to have another project, starting at the end
of this month, as 2011 unfolds. It is an Art Academy, the brainchild of Tim Reynolds of New Jersey and owner of the Ani Villas.
The art school for Anguilla was announced at a cocktail reception on December 30, hosted by Mr. Reynolds and his wife, Caroline. It is to be
the first of three Art Academies in the region, the other two being in the Dominican Republic and St. Marteen. He said that the aim of his
Reynolds Foundation was to build Academies around the world. Villa developer, Ira Bloom, said in his introductory remarks that the two story Art Academy would be located along the road to Ani Villas and that it should be in operation in January 2012, within one year of its
construction. Enrollment of Anguillian students should commence in mid to late 2011.
Speaking as he showed an artist impression of the Academy, Tim Reynolds said he was very excited to start the project. He was grateful that
Anthony Waichulis, who developed an art methodology and curriculum and was a teacher, was on board with him in the project. He said he
loved Anguilla and thought it would be a good idea to provide an Academy for the island. “The wonderful thing about Anguilla is that you
have several very wealthy tourists coming here,” he observed. “They would be happy to spend 5,000 dollars on a painting to take home
and someone attending the school can offer something like that in three or four weeks. You can’t ask more than being able to help people to
find something that they are going to be passionate about and then seeing them get through the program. The more I thought about it, the
more I said I just have to do this.”
Reynolds told listeners that up to 25 art apprentices would be enrolled in the Art Academy. It is planned for some of the artwork to be
exhibited within the Ani Villas and all the sales will go to the students. The teachers will be Anthony Waichulis and graduates from the Ani
Art Academy Waichulis in Pennsylvania who will be accommodated in an apartment attached to the school.
“I am very confident that this will work,” he went on. “The school will be 100 percent free for the students and all supplies are going to be
paid for by the Foundation. We are not accepting any donations. We are going to help our students sell their art anywhere they want to…”
Reynolds, who showed some of the art done by the Ani Art Academy Waichulis Apprentices in Pennsylvania, said the art program would take
between two and three years to complete. He pointed out that it was hard work, time-consuming, but very rewarding.
The reception was attended by Ministers and officials of Government, members of the Opposition, and other members of the community. To
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