4th Annual Ani Art Academies Drawing Competition Winners

Ani Art Academies would like to congratulate the winners of our 4th Annual Drawing Competition! A prestigious panel of judges including
Pavan Chaggar, Kara Lysandra Ross, Patrick Wilshire, Richard Gandy, Deanne Pool, Robert Pool, John Manzari, and Tim Reynolds examined
each drawing for the qualities that best represent an artist in true command of his or her talent.

We are thrilled to announce that the 1st place winner is awarded to Mitchell Bagnas for his drawing, Jar of Hope. Mitchell will be awarded a $100 gift card for Marquis Art & Frame and an Ani Art Academies’ Annual Drawing Competition Certificate of Recognition.

2nd place is awarded to Domingo Antonio Rosario for his drawing, The Home Stretch. Domingo will be awarded entry into the ARC Salon, one of the most challenging and diverse competitions for Representational artists today, and an Ani Drawing Competition Certificate of Recognition.

A 3rd place is awarded to Carmel Gumbs for his drawing, Priceless. Carmel will receive an entry into the ARC Salon, as well as an Ani Drawing Competition Certificate of Recognition.

Artists receiving honorable mention are (in no particular order), Patricia Alanzo Diaz, Time Is Not a Limit, Kelvin Lugo Belen, Espejos del Alma, Lynne Garlick, Received with Love, Edward Ewald, 56, Fraelo Lantigua Garcia, Al Natural, Achara Phethongthong, Harmony, Warren Hall, High-Tech, all of who will be awarded entry into the ARC Salon. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the panel of judges that assisted us in
making this event a success. Their time and expertise are thoroughly appreciated and we look forward to working with them in the future!
We would also like to thank Marquis Art & Frame for graciously donating a gift certificate to award to our first place winner, their kindness is thoroughly appreciated.

Please feel free to view all our artists' efforts by following the link provided below:
www. aniartacademies.org/image-gallery

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