The Ani Art Academies project is brought to life with the help of our passionate faculty and staff.  Each member of the Ani Family shares a sincere interest in making a substantial difference in the future of our students and the arts.

Each Ani Art Academies Instructor has successfully completed the Ani Program and is defined by the drive and determination that is essential to meet the program's many meticulous and painstaking challenges. They have each mastered the fundamentals of their craft and applied them directly into the foundations of a highly successful professional art career. They create a new standard for their Students as their technique is matched only by their discipline and dedication.

Rodney O'Dell Davis
ร้อดนี่ โอ’เดล เดวี่ส์
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ร้อดนี่ โอ’เดล เดวี่ส์

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