Mitchell Bagnas Completes First Creative Project

Congratulations to Ani Art Academies Waichulis apprentice Mitchell Bagnas on the completion of his first creative project. His drawing “Jar of Hope” is inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora. As the mythology is told, Pandora was given a jar as a gift and was told not to open it. Pandora full of curiosity, opened the jar not knowing of its consequences. Evil spirits had poured out; they were called Disease, Famine, War, and Deceit. Pandora quickly closed the jar regretting her actions. That is when another spirit called out, the name of this spirit was Hope. Pandora let the spirit free and gave humanity a blessing of hope to ease humanities’ suffering.


Mitchell Bagnas started his studies under the tutelage of Anthony Waichulis in 2017 after graduating Luzerne County Community College with a degree in Painting & Illustration. We are all incredibly excited to see what Mitchell draws next! To view the entire drawing, please follow the link: