Anthony Waichulis to Host Painting for Biology Workshop at Ani Art Academy Waichulis

Anthony Waichulis will host a Painting for Biology workshop on Saturday, March 25th, at Ani Art Academy Waichulis from 9am-2pm.

"Any path to effective visual communication must begin with the one factor that determines our ability to elicit meaning from visual stimuli, allows for our experience of aesthetic quality, and facilitates successful communication–our biology.  Please join me for a cursory walkthrough of the many exciting and insightful contributions from modern vision science, empirical aesthetics, neuroaesthetics, cognitive psychology and evolutionary psychology that can augment or replace many of the long-standing heuristics that continue to guide contemporary compositional efforts.  Starting with top-tier governing factors such as context, bias, priming effects, and perceptual set, Painting for Biology follows a carefully calibrated map of considerations that can effectively guide both the novice and the seasoned professional through the fascinating landscape of pictorial composition. Hope to see you there!" - Anthony Waichulis

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