In an interesting article written by Anthony Waichulis, the artist discusses the idea that using a simplified abstraction to understand the mechanics of a phenomenon may be more beneficial in various circumstances.  While Mr. Waichulis was listening to a neuroscience lecture, the professor discussed two very different types of neuron models, one quite complex, and the other being a quite simplified version.  Waichulis realized that, “while the opportunity to incorporate many details into our models may exist, we may only need a simplified abstraction to comprehend the mechanics of a phenomenon.”  The article further discusses this concept in relation to the use of various color systems used by artists today.   To read the article in its entirety, please visit

January 12, 2016

Ani Founder and President, Tim Reynolds, stopped by to meet the students of Ani Art Academy Thailand, the newest addition to the Ani global family.  Students were excited to introduce themselves and to show Mr. Reynolds around the campus, which has been open since October.  Tim was thrilled to see the progress that the students are making and enjoyed spending some time with Ani Thailand Dean, Rodney O'Dell’Davis.  Stay tuned to for more news from Ani Art Academy Thailand!  We can’t wait to enjoy the awesome work that they will soon be sharing with us!

January 8, 2016

A limited number of spots are still available for Anthony Waichulis’ Perception and the Practical Painter clinic.  The workshop, running April 2-3, will examine how a better understanding of visual perception can enhance your painting dynamic.  Please visit The Waichulis Studio Store for more information and to reserve your spot for this highly anticipated event.  

January 6, 2016

Ani Art Academy Waichulis would like to welcome our two newest students, Rachael and Andrea Bills!  The Bills’ sisters hail from Wisconsin, and are beyond excited to join the Ani family.  When asked their thoughts on beginning the curriculum, Rachael shared, “I'm very excited about the challenges ahead and growing as an artist through the Ani program. I've seen the achievements of students who have completed the program and I hope to greatly improve my artistic skills the same way."  Andrea added that, “I couldn't be more thrilled about all of the new and exciting things I'll learn at Ani, and experiencing the creative freedom that I will certainly achieve. The challenges will certainly be great, but so will the outcome."  We cannot wait for the ladies to get started, and we know they will enjoy great success!  Congratulations to Andrea and Rachel on the start of your new endeavor!

December 30, 2015

Leah Waichulis is joining in the fun at The 25th Annual Holiday Miniatures Show, a can’t miss art event in Denver, Colorado.  Her piece, Midday, joins the lineup at this charming show, which runs now through January 16th, 2016 at Abend Gallery.  The show displays a diverse array of work from over 100 creators, and includes over 500 pieces of original art, all no larger than 150 sq. inches.  This exhibition is a Colorado tradition, and definitely worth a trip if you are in the Denver area!  For more information, please visit Abend Gallery

December 23, 2015

The third and final installment of the Visual Language Curriculum, encompassing grades 9-12, is now available for download at The Waichulis Studio Store!   The Visual Language program is a strategic sequencing of educational visual arts exercises designed to develop visual literacy and communication skills in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Echoing the same rational sequence of skill building exercises from the Ani Art Academies’ core curriculum, Visual Language I, II and III seek to develop visual literacy and communication skills that will prepare K-12 students to successfully interact and contribute to a global environment that is increasingly dependent on visual stimuli.  Please visit The Waichulis Studio Store for a free download of the entire program.

December 18, 2015

The fifth installment of the Ani Art Academy Waichulis Research and Presentation Meeting series was held yesterday. An attentive audience enjoyed presentations given by Alex Jove, Kevin Moore, and Lisandra Nighelli.  Ani apprentice Alex Jove shared knowledge about both the history of murals, and the process in which they are created.  Ani instructor Kevin Moore discussed a cost effective solution for artwork storage, and demonstrated how a flat file box can be created from foam core.  Finally, Ani apprentice Lisandra Nighelli offered a presentation regarding aerial perspective and the effects that the atmosphere has on objects in the distance, in relation to the understanding and application for artists.

We would like to thank all of last evening’s presenters and our audience for joining in the discussion. Please stay tuned for the next installment of the Research & Presentation Meeting Series.  


December 15, 2015

Ani Art Academies would like to congratulate the Ani Apprentices whom were awarded a Certificate of Excellence for their hard work over the past year.  In recognition of their personal commitment, dedication, and performance to the Ani curriculum, the following artists were chosen: Ani Art Academy Waichiulis, Stephen Sebald – Hardest Working Artist, Chelsea Herron – Most Improved, Ani Art Academy Anguilla, Taffari Crawford – Hardest Working Artist, Prudence Williams – Most Improved, and Ani Art Academy Dominicana, Hardest Working Artist – Domingo Antonio Rosario, Most Improved – Saul Martinez Rodriguez.  All of the above artists were awarded a monetary prize, along with a certificate that expresses the organization’s sincere appreciation of their dedication.  Once again, congratulations to all of these hardworking artists; we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the year ahead!

December 11, 2015

Original work from the artists of the Ani Art Academies has been added to the Waichulis Studio Store Online Gallery and is now available for purchase.  The gallery displays an array of drawings and paintings from the apprentices, instructors, and alumni of the Ani organization, with all of the proceeds from sales going directly to the artist.  Please visit the gallery to view the available art, along with artist information, high resolution images, and photographs of the front and back of the frames.  Purchases can be made directly through the Waichulis Studio Store site; questions and inquiries should be directed to

December 9, 2015

Unit London, a breakthrough independent contemporary art gallery, will host the grand opening of the Paintguide Exhibition.  The show, coined as the world’s first Instagram art show, will feature the work of 60 of the most exciting and prolific painters today, whom have all been featured on the popular Instagram account @Paintguide.  Anthony Waichulis joins the lineup with his oil painting, Love Story.  For more information on this unique event, which opens Thursday, November 26th, please visit Unit London. 

November 25, 2015

Roneidy Antonio Caraballo Bonilla (b. October 27, 1986) Ever since Roneidy was young, he was very interested in art. He has always been on the lookout for an opportunity to study art as there are not many here in the Dominican Republic. When he was 14 years old, he went to Santiago and studied art for six months. He then found the Ani Art Academies in his hometown of Rio San Juan. It is here that he is making great strides artistically.Ani Art Academies would like to congratulate Roneidy Caraballo Bonilla for being selected as the Ani Student of the Week!  Mr. Bonilla is incredibly dedicated, arriving early to the studio each day, and working diligently at home each night.  He strives to be the best artist possible, and has set a wonderful example that other students are working hard to follow!  Congrats to Roneidy on this well deserved recognition!Please visit Roneidy’s Image Gallery at

November 25, 2015

The highly anticipated John Pence Gallery event, “Figures & Interiors”, opens this evening, Friday November 20, 2015.  Leah Waichulis joins 34 skilled artists as they exhibit an impressive variety and subject matter in this group exhibition.  The opening reception will be held from 6:00-8:00pm, with the show running through December 19th.  Waichulis’ painting, Cabin Interior, “joins the work of fellow first rank painters displaying first rank work.”


For more information, please visit John Pence Gallery. 


November 20, 2015

Onefive4 Gallery, a digital venue showcasing artworks and the love of artistic expression, recently featured Ani Art Academy Anguilla Instructor Timothy W. Jahn in their weekly 10 Point Artist Profile.  The gallery asked Jahn a series of 10 short questions, including his own favorite artists, his biggest challenges, and his must have item.  This fun interview can be read in its entirety at onefive4gallery.

November 13, 2015

“The Renaissance of Realism,” a two-part exhibition being presented by Gallery 1261 in Denver, Colorado, will showcase Natura, the highly regarded painting by Anthony Waichulis.  The show, which opens Friday, November 13th at 7:00pm, celebrates masterful imagery wrought by deliberate and effective skill and concept.  Waichulis joins a salvo of skilled artists as the gallery invites art lovers to experience and reflect upon the works of this country’s best realist painters.  This is a must see show if you are in the Denver area!

For more information, please visit Gallery 1261.

November 10, 2015

The Ani Art Academies are thrilled to announce our next collaboration with Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Synesthesia, a collection of musically inspired works. The show will open on Saturday April 9th, 2016, at the New York City Gallery.  Ani Artists are hard at work and we are so excited to see what they will come up with for this art-meets-music exhibition; sure to be the best Ani & Rehs collaboration yet!  Stay tuned to and Rehs Contemporary Galleries for more information.


November 3, 2015

Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, Oklahoma will now feature the work of Ani Art Academies’ Artist Leah Waichulis.  The gallery scouts, recruits, and represents many of the finest painters and artworks today, and produces a broad representation of regional, national, and international artists.  They have worked diligently to represent the most driven and committed artists who create works that are visually and emotionally fulfilling.  Congratulations to both Leah and Lovetts, we wish them luck in their future artistic partnership!  Please visit Lovetts Gallery to view and purchase work!

October 30, 2015