Congratulations to Ani Art Academies Waichulis apprentice Mitchell Bagnas on the completion of his first creative project. His drawing “Jar of Hope” is inspired by the Ancient Greek myth of Pandora. As the mythology is told, Pandora was given a jar as a gift and was told not to open it. Pandora full of curiosity, opened the jar not knowing of its consequences. Evil spirits had poured out; they were called Disease, Famine, War, and Deceit. Pandora quickly closed the jar regretting her actions. That is when another spirit called out, the name of this spirit was Hope. Pandora let the spirit free and gave humanity a blessing of hope to ease humanities’ suffering.  Mitchell Bagnas started his studies under the tutelage of Anthony Waichulis in 2017 after graduating Luzerne County Community College with a degree in Painting & Illustration. We are all incredibly excited to see what Mitchell draws next! To view the entire drawing, please follow the link:

February 4, 2019

Ani Art Academies Sri Lanka will hold an Open House Friday, January 25th, 2019 for prospective students and the local community. The event, which will be held at the school, will have opportunities for future students to meet with the head instructor and artist Timothy W. Jahn. During the event, students will learn about the Ani Art Academies program and scholarship opportunities. In addition, current apprentices’ work will be on display for those who attend. The Ani Art Academies Sri Lanka welcomes all from the community to join us for some food and drink, as well as some spectacular artwork from the current apprentices. “The free comprehensive program at Ani Art Academies prepares aspiring artist for multiple fulfilling careers in the arts. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to work as an artist.” -Timothy W. Jahn, Head Instructor at Ani Art Academies Sri Lanka. For more information about this event, please contact Bhaghya at For more information about The Ani Art Academies, visit our website at, or 

January 23, 2019

Updated Art Competitions 2019 list. Do not miss the opportunity to enter. Many are open now, and some deadlines are coming up soon. You can find the list on Ani Art Academy Student Community Facebook Page. If you are not a member, please request to be added to the group, you can find tons of useful information in that group. 

January 16, 2019

Ani Art Academies would like to wish you a wonderful holiday filled with joy, laughter, and good will.  As the New Year approaches we look back upon a year that was filled with plentiful accomplishments, new challenges, and the reaching of milestones!  We are so excited for the busy year ahead of us and we look forward to all of the wonderful masterpieces and memories that will be created in 2019!

December 26, 2018

Ani Art Academies would like to congratulate the Ani Apprentices who have received an award of Excellence and Distinction for their hard work over the past year. In recognition of their commitment, dedication, and performance to the Ani curriculum, the following artists were chosen: Ani Art Academy Waichiulis: Award of Excellence - Edward Ewald, Award of Distinction – Mitchell Bagnas. Ani Art Academy Anguilla: Award of Excellence - Carmel Gumbs, Award of Distinction – Brandon Lavon. Ani Art Academy Dominicana: Award of Excellence – Eduard Peña Peña, Award of Distinction – Domingo Antonio Rosario. Ani Art Academy Thailand: Award of Excellence – Ten Yamter, Award of Distinction – Nakorn Sriphet. Ani Art Academy Sri Lanka has not been open for a year yet, but we already see very dedicated and hard-working students there. This year Ani Art Academy’s Sri Lanka instructor, Timothy Jahn, chose four students to give small awards. Most Hours Award: Iddamal Godage Madhuka Dilshan, Most Improved Award:Dimathi   Thilakna Uyangoda, Most Dedicated Award: Hetti Arachchilage Buddhika Lakmal, Hardest Working Award: Nambukara Palliyaguruge Shan Sandakelum. All the above artists were awarded a monetary prize, along with a certificate that expresses the organization’s sincere appreciation of their dedication. Once again, congratulations to all hardworking apprentices; we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the year ahead!

December 19, 2018

Ani Art Academies 4th Annual Drawing Competition is fast approaching. January 15th is the last day you can submit your artwork(s) for consideration. 10 artists will be awarded free entry into the most challenging and diverse competition for Representational Artists today: The ARC Salon. A celebrated panel of judges will carefully examine each work for the qualities that best represent an artist in true command of his or her talent! This year’s judges are: Pavan Chaggar (Art Aesthetics Magazine), Patrick Wilshire (IX Arts), Richard Gandy (Gandy Gallery), Robert Pool (Co-author of the book Peak), Deanne Pool (Contributor to the book Peak), Kara Lysandra (Art Renewal Center), John Manzari (Meyer Gallery), Tim Reynolds (Founder of Ani Art Academies). 

December 13, 2018

Holidays are getting closer and closer! Apprentices at Ani Art Academy Waichulis enjoyed a day of holiday Alla Prima painting and drawing and listening to Christmas music. A thirty-minute Alla Prima will make a unique gift for your loved one. All of us at the Ani Art Academies wishes you to stay warm and Happy Holidays! 

December 7, 2018

Ani Art Academies thanks all veterans for the service that they have given and for the service that they continue to provide. Let us remember all the sacrifices made by our military so that we could have a safer life. No amount of appreciation will be sufficient enough to honor them. Please expect these words of gratitude from all the Ani Family. Have a Happy Veteran's Day.

November 9, 2018

Last month Ani Art Academy Anguilla Attended Art Expo at the Rodney McArthur Rey Auditorium. A booth with just a few artworks, some brochures, applications, and posters attracted prospective student, who were eager to learn about the academy’s curriculum. Instructors, Elizardo Mojica, and Taffari Crawford ad a great time speaking many high school students and their teachers. For more images of the expo, please visit: 

November 5, 2018

We are all so proud of Chelsea Herron. This year she showcased her work at IX Arts among hundreds of other artists. IX Arts is the organization behind a range of projects designed to enhance popular and critical appreciation of contemporary imaginative realism. Initially founded as the home of the annual IX show, since 2008 IX Arts has branched out into other areas. IX Arts has grown into an organization recognized internationally as a leader in the contemporary imaginative realist movement, and within the broader contemporary realism art world, partnering with organizations such as the Art Renewal Center, Abend Gallery, and the Delaware Art Museum to help bring recognition to imaginative realism as the cutting edge of contemporary realist art. To see Chelsea’s work, please visit:

October 24, 2018

Great article and interview with Ani Alumni Kevin A. Moore. Kevin is an instructor at the Ani Art Academies America, a state of the art studio providing comprehensive art education to Veterans. Please read and share.

September 24, 2018

Ani Art Academies would like to congratulate artist Dan Christian on his graduation from Ani Art Academy Waichulis!  Upon his return to Wyoming, Dan will be participating in upcoming exhibitions with various galleries including Lovetts Gallery. We wish Dan continued success in his future artistic endeavors and look forward to seeing all that he accomplishes! To view Dan's work, please visit

August 29, 2018

All of us at Ani Art Academies are so very proud of Chelsea Herron, soon to be graduate from the Waichulis Studio. Chelsea was chosen to be one of the 21 artists under 31 to watch in 2018! To read the full article, please follow the link: To find out more about Chelsea and her art, please visit:

August 22, 2018

We are excited to see Ani Art Academy Anguilla Apprentices works proudly hanging on the walls of the Ani Villas Anguilla. Academies and Villas are joined in their efforts to bring apprentices’ artworks on display for the guests to enjoy. We are looking forward to growing this collaboration and are excited about future teamwork. For more on Ani Villas, please visit:

August 9, 2018

Visiting us from tropical Thailand, Ani Art Academies Thailand Head Instructor Rodney O’Dell Davis joins the studio to immerse himself in his recent painting.  All of us here at the Ani Waichulis studio are so very excited for him to be spending some time with us.  We cannot wait to see what kind of work he produces in the near future! Here’s a little more about Rodney: Rodney O’Dell Davis followed his passion for fine art, to New York City, where he was accepted into the prestigious Grand Central Academy of Art core-program. After some years diligently studying representational art- he applied to the Ani Art Academy Waichulis, where he met and apprenticed under Anthony Waichulis. Upon completing this challenging and rewarding program, he was offered the position of Head Instructor at Ani Art Academies Thailand. Rodney is constantly inspired, invigorated and thankful for the community of talented individuals, who have leaned him support over the years. For more information on Rodney please visit

July 27, 2018

June 30th, 2018 Ani Ar Academies Sri Lanka held first annual All Island Young Artist Show and Awards Ceremony. Young high school Artists across Sri Lanka got the opportunity to take part in the juried art show. 45 finalists were selected from a large number of submissions. There were top three prizes which received certificates, medals, cash prizes and school art supplies. The Dean of the School, Mr. Timothy W. Jahn: “What a wonderful event. The artists showed a great variety of work and so many came to the opening from across the country. We were all so happy to meet so many new creatives.”  We are all looking forward to next year show!

July 11, 2018