Ani Art Academy Thailand Apprentice Alejandro Queris finishes his first Drawing!

A big congratulation to Alejandro Queris, Ani Art Academy Thailand Apprentice, for finishing his first creative project. The title of the drawing is “Gift from Ganesha,” and is the first in a series of works to come on the subject of endeavors through dreams, meditation, and astral projection. Alex has been a professional tattoo artist for the past twenty years. Whenever possible he would attend courses at the Crealde School of Art in Winter Park, Florida where he studied drawing, painting, photography, and ceramics. After finding the Ani Art Academies, always having a passion for classical realism, he decided to pursue his dream of representational art. Alejandro was accepted into the prestigious Ani Art Academies Thailand where he continues to hone his skills in drawing and painting. To view the entire drawing, please follow the link