Ani Art Academy Dominicana Apprentices participating in Rio San Juan Carnival

Rio San Juan is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, halfway between the area of Puerto Plata and Samana peninsula. The areas of Rio San Juan and Cabrera are known as the Costa Verde for its beautiful beaches and coastal landscapes. It is also known for its annual seaside carnival. The Carnival has been held since 1997, from 14th to 17th of February, in the waters of the Gri-Gri Lagoon. 

This year Ani Art Academy Dominicana Apprentices took a significant role in the carnival. Besides painting beautiful murals for at the Gi Gi Lagoon, they also participated in various competitions. Every year a contest is hosted by Campo de Golf and the Town Hall for the best papier mache mask. The themes were marine species, Rio San Juan culture, and Carnival.  Participants created masks out of paper mache and various other materials. Ani Art Academy Dominicana Apprentices received the following awards: Patricia Alonzo Diaz won first place for her Hermit Crab mask, and an honorable mention for her Queen Conch display; Felix Esteban Rosario, Domingo (Tony) Rosario, and Eddy Vargas all got honorable mentions for their marine life displays. 

We also would like to congratulate Eddy Vargas, who worked with six other local artists to create a "comparsa", a group of people dressed in a similar theme dancing on a decorated carnival float. Eddy and his friends won the first place award in Rio San Juan, and then took the first place in Santo Domingo, winning a big cash prize.

To view images of the murals, papier mache masks, and Eddy Vargas’ carnival float, please follow the link