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Thank you for your interest in the endeavors of Àni Art Academy America. We are actively recruiting apprentices for rolling admissions into our Red Bank, New Jersey location, a FREE school dedicated to teaching realistic drawing and oil painting techniques to Veterans.

Àni Art Academy America provides a tuition-free, comprehensive art education and even the art supplies are free. Àni is committed to empowering Veterans that have sacrificed so much defending freedom and justice. We believe that a fine arts education can be a life changing improvement that will help Veterans develop a rewarding career that they can take great pride in.

Please take a moment to see the quality of artwork Àni apprentices achieve in our student gallery.

What are the Àni Art Academies?

Àni Art Academies is a global, non-profit organization that delivers a comprehensive, multi-year drawing and painting education to aspiring Artists around the world. We are enabling graduates to interact with the art community and residents in a more intellectually and financially rewarding capacity.

We are a collaborative project conceived by Tim Reynolds, and brought to life with the help of our passionate students and teachers. The curriculum for The Àni Art Academies was developed by renowned Master Artist Anthony J. Waichulis, who has devoted his life to teaching drawing and painting skills to many aspiring Artists. He has dedicated over fifteen years to carefully designing a world class program that promises to transform any dedicated student into a highly skilled artist.

“Àni” is derived from a Swahili word meaning that we are “on a path or great journey.” Hardworking students are rewarded with a lifetime of creative freedom through logic and discipline. In the beginning our limits are constrained by skill – in the end they are only bound by our limitless imagination.

Ani America Exterior What is the time commitment for Apprentices?

The Àni Art Academy curriculum is divided into seven sections: Introduction to Drawing, Governing the Material, Anatomy of Form, Natural Forms, then Introduction to Painting Techniques, and Endgame. With a series of challenging exercises and repetitions, each Àni Apprentice can explore the dynamics of the materials and experience the impact of improving control. With unwavering emphasis on rudimentary exercises, efficiency, and material dynamics, our goal is to help bring the Artist’s vision to life.

On average, students can complete the Apprenticeship program in three-four years. However, the Àni Art Academies program allows for additional instruction to help meet individual goals. Challenging sections may demand extra time and tutoring (drawing and painting techniques, etc.) and could extend the program. Apprentices commit to full time attendance (35 hours per week) and must be extremely dedicated to completion of the training. Our Artists are defined by a drive and determination that is essential to meet the program’s many meticulous and painstaking challenges. We value commitment and dedication far more than subjective “talent.”

Great Artists are not born – they are educated.

How much will the program cost students?

All eligible apprentices are awarded full scholarships that cover all tuition and material expenses.

What are the benefits of graduation?

Àni Art Academies offers a Certificate of Completion upon graduation. Our ultimate goal is to provide a set of extremely adaptable art skills that can be applied to a wide array of artistic and creative endeavors. Our curriculum was designed by several of the world’s top professional Artists and continues to help launch students into successful careers – but does not convey a government accredited degree.

Our teaching dynamic is modeled after the ‘atelier’ system, traditionally consisting of small numbers of Apprentices studying directly under a Master Artist. We are organized to maximize individual Apprentices attention and provide the valuable opportunity to experience working alongside an accomplished professional artist. We strongly recommend that each student explore all of their options before committing themselves to any educational program. There are many schools and teachers in many parts of the world. We encourage Artists to investigate the work and background of the faculty and alumni of any program responsible for your artistic development.

Ani America InteriorWhat will the students do after they graduate?

This is a question that everyone faces upon graduation from any educational institution. We feel that this common inquiry should be in the mind of every eager student when they are researching education options. The answer is most often defined by the personal aspirations of the individual. As mentioned above, the skill sets garnered from our program are extremely adaptable. Our skills can be applied to fine arts, illustration, design, education, etc. The limitations of such adaptability are set in part by the resourcefulness of the individual. There are endless opportunities that can be seized by creative individuals with the ability to skillfully produce a quality product.

Where does this ambitious project get the money to make Àni a reality?

All funding comes from Àni Villas International and the Tim Reynolds Foundation. Full academic scholarships are awarded to every student. All materials are completely free for our dedicated students. We’re fully funded for the next decade and committed to these goals and as such do not currently accept donations or any government contributions. The only thing we ask in return from our students is that they share this kindness along their journey.

For More Information:

Please Contact: Stephanie Gronchick, Àni Art Academies Administrator at (570) 822-4111 or
Kevin A. Moore, Àni Art Academies Instructor at info@aniartacademies.org

Àni Art Academies Official Website: http://aniartacademies.org
Àni Art Academies Online Application: http://aniartacademies.org/enrollment

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