Ani Art Academies Year End Apprentices Awards

Ani Art Academies would like to congratulate the Ani Apprentices who have received an award of Excellence and Distinction for their hard work over the past year. In recognition of their commitment, dedication, and performance to the Ani curriculum, the following artists were chosen: Ani Art Academy Waichiulis: Award of Excellence - Edward Ewald, Award of Distinction – Mitchell Bagnas. Ani Art Academy Anguilla: Award of Excellence - Carmel Gumbs, Award of Distinction – Brandon Lavon. Ani Art Academy Dominicana: Award of Excellence – Eduard Peña Peña, Award of Distinction – Domingo Antonio Rosario. Ani Art Academy Thailand: Award of Excellence – Ten Yamter, Award of Distinction – Nakorn Sriphet. Ani Art Academy Sri Lanka has not been open for a year yet, but we already see very dedicated and hard-working students there. This year Ani Art Academy’s Sri Lanka instructor, Timothy Jahn, chose four students to give small awards. Most Hours Award: Iddamal Godage Madhuka Dilshan, Most Improved Award:Dimathi   Thilakna Uyangoda, Most Dedicated Award: Hetti Arachchilage Buddhika Lakmal, Hardest Working Award: Nambukara Palliyaguruge Shan Sandakelum. All the above artists were awarded a monetary prize, along with a certificate that expresses the organization’s sincere appreciation of their dedication. Once again, congratulations to all hardworking apprentices; we look forward to seeing what they accomplish in the year ahead!