Ani Art Academies at the Atelier Art Education Day

Ani Art Academies joins the Da Vinci Initiative and other Atelier schools for the Atelier Art Education Day at the Salmagundi Club, New York, New York. The day was about encouraging high school students about Atelier skills. Anthony Waichulis along with other instructors provided portfolio reviews to the students, who were eager to hear that they are capable of achieving quality skills with appropriate training. There was a broad spectrum of artworks presented for review.  The Da Vinci Initiative is an education foundation that supports skill-based learning in K-12 art classrooms. The Da Vinci Initiative believes that the most creative children are those with the most tools at their disposal for making artwork, and provides atelier training and resources to art teachers to help them incorporate skill-based methods into their classroom practices. More than a hundred high school students visited the Salmagundi Club and had a chance to view 12th Annual ARC Salon Exhibit, which, undoubtedly, inspired them to pursue their passion for art.