Ani Art Academies Anguilla Holds Open House

We are so very proud to announce that November saw the first Open House for the new Ani Art Academies Anguilla.  It was an amazing event filled with many aspiring artists ready to dive into the program’s many skill-building challenges.  We were overwhelmed by the warm hospitality and passionate enthusiasm shown to us by the beautiful people that populate one of the most attractive places in the world.  Here is an excerpt from a recent feature story covering the event in the Anguillan:

Publishing date: 18.11.2011 08:22

Now that the first of a number of planned Ani Art Academies around the world has been structurally completed in the Limestone Bay area in Anguilla, Government officials and members of the public, including school children, have had an opportunity to tour the facility. That chance was provided during an open day event held on Tuesday afternoon this week.

“This is the first of a number of schools to be built around the world,” Project Director, Ira Bloom, told reporters. “The purpose of the schools is to teach young aspiring artists how to draw and paint … to make a career for themselves. Tim Reynolds, who is the owner of Ani Villas, is funding the development and operation of the schools and they all are going to be free for students. So the school here is completely free for Anguillian students; the tuition, materials and everything else are paid for.”

Bloom continued: “The objective is that a good number of students will graduate from the programme here in Anguilla and will be able to produce work to be sold both locally and internationally. Together with the villas, the school will be helping to market the work of the students, with all the proceeds going to the students themselves. We hope to get support from the local tourism industry, the hotels, galleries and other villas to help showcase and market the work of the artists here. I can see us for one day a week, for a few hours, holding an open house at the school so that interested tourists can see what the students are learning. Other times we will also use the school as a gallery for shows.”

Mr. Bloom said that, currently, another school was under construction in the Dominican Republic and targeted for opening in June next year; and land was being finalized in Thailand and Sri Lanka for art academies there hopefully in 2013.  It is being arranged for the art academy to be opened in Anguilla around the first week of March coming. The full-time professor, Timothy Jahn, who is presently in Anguilla, is expected to return to the island in January to interview and select the first group of some ten students, others being added later on.

“I will be the only teacher here so that we will keep the teacher/student ratio at 1:25. We will never exceed that,” Professor Jahn said. “I will be here definitely for two years, but it could be more depending on how things work for the entire foundation. Anybody who takes my place will be a qualified and certified instructor, and eventually we want an Anguillian to run the school so that is our long-term goal.”  Mr. Bloom and Mr. Jahn took the opportunity to escort the visitors on a tour of the school, and Anthony Waichulis, creator of the teaching methodology, explained the approach to the three-year programme. The tutoring will first concentrate on developing basic art skills in black and white and later proceed to colour painting.