Ani Art Academies 4th Annual Drawing Competition Deadline Approaching

Ani Art Academies 4th Annual Drawing Competition is fast approaching. January 15th is the last day you can submit your artwork(s) for consideration. 10 artists will be awarded free entry into the most challenging and diverse competition for Representational Artists today: The ARC Salon. A celebrated panel of judges will carefully examine each work for the qualities that best represent an artist in true command of his or her talent! This year’s judges are: Pavan Chaggar (Art Aesthetics Magazine), Patrick Wilshire (IX Arts), Richard Gandy (Gandy Gallery), Robert Pool (Co-author of the book Peak), Deanne Pool (Contributor to the book Peak), Kara Lysandra (Art Renewal Center), John Manzari (Meyer Gallery), Tim Reynolds (Founder of Ani Art Academies).